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Hip Hop Cardio

with CC

March 4th, 2019

Mon: 7p - 8:15p

Let's set the tone for the week and get that blood pumping with this fun and easy-to-follow cardio dance class! This class is designed to fuse awesome dance moves that you can show off at any party with a moderate workout that will sculpt your body, relieve stress and get your mind right!


Intro to Hip Hop

with Beata

March 6th, 2019

Wed: 4p - 5:30p
Fri: 5:30p - 7p

This class will focus on learning the basics and fundamentals that will allow students to advance their skills. Based on Old School Hip Hop and Breaking students will also work on finding their groove, isolation and musicality.



with WaAaK Sun

March 6th, 2019

Fundamentals: 7p - 8:30p
Intermediate: 8:30p - 10p

Building Apex Skill Integral Conditioning Style
Understanding Foundational Breakin’ maneuvers and transitions through practices and exploration in: Breathing, Balance, Agility, Strength, Stamina, Individual Style, and Culture



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Into Poppin'

with Soo

Tue: 7p - 8:30p
Thu: 7p - 8:30p

Intensive Poppin course: Descriptions to follow


Into Hiphop

with Tatiana

Tue: 5:30p - 7p
Wed: 5:30p - 7p

Intensive Hiphop course: “Technique Within Your Groove”
The idea is to preserve a rhythmic flow (groove) of the body, according to a music, and to incorporate technical tools specifically from the urban dances. The dancer uses his natural movements with more control, or in other words, with more consciousness of his body. This method pushes the dancers to develop their coordination and rhythm: playing with two body parts and moving on two different rhythms simultaneously, for instance. This will feel unnatural, but the goal is to be fluid, remain organic, and to keep ‘grooving’ within those physical and technical difficulties. Those tools can be used for any dance style. It is important for any dancer under the hip-hop umbrella to develop the capability of using technique within one’s groove. This allows for more freedom in one’s musicality and freestyle without losing the essence of those styles.


Into House

with Jungle

Tue: 8:30p - 10p
Fri: 7p - 8:30p

Intensive House course: Descriptions to follow



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